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Custom Women's Leotards

Personalise your favourite Imperfect Pointes Ballet Leotard by choosing the colour which you love Choose your colours and receive your order in 5 weeks!

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CUSTOM: Women's Haina Camisole LeotardCUSTOM: Women's Haina Camisole Leotard
CUSTOM: Women's Marseille Wrap Front LeotardCUSTOM: Women's Marseille Wrap Front Leotard
Recession Busting Leotard - Red and Oyster-Women's Leotard-XS-Imperfect PointesRecession Busting Leotard - Red and Oyster-Women's Leotard-XS-Imperfect Pointes
CUSTOM: Women's Mersey Sleeveless leotardCUSTOM: Women's Mersey Sleeveless leotard
CUSTOM: Women's Mersey 3/4 Sleeve LeotardCUSTOM: Women's Mersey 3/4 Sleeve Leotard
CUSTOM: Women's Cilicia Boatneck Leotard - Custom, Sleeveless - Imperfect PointesWomen's Cilicia Leotard - Ocean Blue Ombre with White Mesh-Women's Leotard-XS-Imperfect Pointes
Women's Alexandria Long Sleeve Leotard - Black-Women's Leotard-XS-Imperfect PointesCUSTOM: Women's Alexandria Long Sleeve Leotard - Custom, Long Sleeve - Imperfect Pointes
Women's Valencia Leotard - Black-Women's Leotard-XS-Imperfect PointesWomen's Valencia Leotard - Black-Women's Leotard-XS-Imperfect Pointes
CUSTOM: Women's Tuscany Half Zip LeotardCUSTOM: Women's Tuscany Half Zip Leotard
CUSTOM: Women's Barcelona Half Sleeve LeotardCUSTOM: Women's Barcelona Half Sleeve Leotard


Imperfect Pointes is proud to bring to you the very best dance leotards for women, made from sustainable recycled nylon in our small family run factory. Whether you need a classic black leotard for your next ballet class or a showstopping leotard for your dance auditions, We have plenty of womens ballet leotards in many colours and styles including black leotards, long sleeve leotards, blue leotards and more