future friendly balletwear

Wouldn't it be amazing if all dancewear was future friendly? Unfortunately, it's not, but until it is, we are glad you found Imperfect Pointes.

We are here to disrupt the way dancers choose their balletwear – it's not all about pastel pink tutus, skinny bods, and having the neatest bun – we love those too, but we know there’s so much more than that. Time to make a changé.

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where did our products get their fancy names?

Why plastic's not so fantastic. 

All our products get their names from plastic pollution hotspots. A World Wide Fund for Nature report called out the most plastic polluted costal areas in the Mediterranean. So we named our leos after these places to raise awareness of the problem. we figured if our leos are made of recycled ocean plastics , we should highlight the issue. 

Ballet for everyone

We believe anyone can benefit from the fitness benefits, confidence & sense well-being you get from practicing balletic technique. We aim to be inclusive to everyone. It’s all about an attitude… so stand tall, squeeze that core, and come and join us.

from landfill to leotards

Our apparel is made from ECONYL®. This incredible fabric is made from plastic diverted from landfill plus regenerated plastics recovered from our oceans, such as old fishing nets. It is made into a recycled nylon. We are all about being responsible - so you can look stylish with a clear conscience in your Imperfect Pointes future friendly ballet wear.


We use recycled ocean plastic in our fabrics, so it inspired this collection.


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