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Article: Meet the Dancers behind our latest ballet photo shoot


Meet the Dancers behind our latest ballet photo shoot

We had such a great time getting to know our models and dancers on the latest ballet photo shoot. We shot the new season Elements collection at the newly opened Acosta Dance Centre in the magnificent Aud Jebsen studio. We thought you'd love to hear a bit more about our dancers, their favourite dancewear and their varied experiences so far. 

Caspar, Aud Jebsen Young Dancer, Royal Ballet 

A male ballet dancer wearing a pair of men's rehearsal ballet tights in the middle of a dnace studio

Tell us about your Ballet journey so far / how you got to where you are right now?

I started ballet at age 4, at the Bristol School of Dancing. Then began training with the Royal Ballet School’s JA program for two years before joining white lodge in year seven. Then after 8 years of training I just started my first season as a professional with the Royal Ballet company. 


How did you get involved with Imperfect Pointes? 

I remember seeing Imperfect Pointes items on Instagram and really loving the designs and the fact they are sustainable. Then I was lucky enough to meet the team at the Royal Ballet School summer fair where I bought my first pair of tights and started conversations about joining the team. 

How was the shoot day at Acosta Dance Centre ?

Well it was definitely out of my comfort zone modelling for a dancewear brand as I have never done a proper photoshoot before. I loved the Acosta Dance Centre - the studios are beautiful and the experience was super smooth so I would love to be part of it again. 

What are your thoughts on sustainable dancewear?

I think it is essential that we try and bring sustainability into all aspects of our lives, so the fact that dancewear can be as well is great. It feels amazing and has fewer environmental impacts is even better. 

What’s your favourite piece from the new Elements dancewear collection?

For me it is either of the unitards, the fit is super amazing. They feel super comfy and smooth and the colours are so vibrant and flattering and I've already been wearing them in rehearsals at the (Royal Ballet) Company

How will you style it? 

I will layer it with various shorts and t-shirts, but also for me a simple look with just the unitard is super sleek 

Tell us about a time you met a person in the ballet world that you admire. 

Well, starting work in the company everyone I have met I admire so much. I can’t really say one name - but the Royal Ballet environment is a very inspiring one to work and dance in.


Salomé - Software Engineer and Adult Ballerina 

adult ballerina wearing a burgundy leotard and pink skirt stood in a ballet studio

Tell us about your Ballet journey so far / how you got to where you are right now?

I started ballet when I was six but I had to stop the following year, as I moved to Burkina Faso and there were no ballet classes over there. I picked up ballet again at the age of 12, but really started enjoying it a couple of years later thanks to the most wonderful teacher. Since then, I usually take class twice a week but I try to squeeze another class here and there when I have time.

How did you get involved with Imperfect Pointes ? 

One of my friends had a couple of leotards so I knew the brand already. I attended the workshop a couple of months ago with Biscuit Ballerina and couldn't resist getting myself a leo!

How was the shoot day at Acosta Dance Centre

I was super nervous, I had zero modelling experience prior to the shoot and I was the only amateur dancer but I had a great time! Everyone was super nice, the atmosphere was chill and Jimmy explained what he wanted for the photos and gave super helpful pointers.

What are your thoughts on sustainable dancewear?

It's brilliant! I'm always looking for small businesses that make a difference, Imperfect Pointes ticks all the boxes. On top of being sustainable the leos both looks and feel fantastic to wear. Special mention to the tights which I got to try during the shoot, it's quite rare to find products that are both sustainable and inclusive.

What’s your favourite piece from the new Elements collection?

It's a tie between the Mersey in vino and the Seychelles in medina.

ballerina wearing imperfect pointes seychelles leotard and tights and putting on her pointe shoes

How will you style it? 

I got the Seychelles leotard because I already have a Mersey leotard in another colour (highly likely I'll purchase the new Vino as well though). I'm having a SAB skirt moment this year and I've got a dusty pink one that works great with it. (SAB skirts are launching soon ) 

Then …. Just for fun …… Tell us about a time you met a person in the ballet world that you admire. 

I've been really lucky to have a few classes with dancers from ENB, ROH and Ballet Black, they've all been so nice! They're great teachers, always taking the time to give corrections on technique and artistry regardless of the level of the class.


Ashley - Artist of the Company - English National Ballet 

professional ballerina stood wearing a leotard and tights in a ballet studio

Tell us about your Ballet journey so far / how you got to where you are right now?

I began my ballet journey at the age of 6 in Vancouver, Canada.  Every summer I would attend Summer Intensives across North America, from Toronto, to San Francisco, Houston, and New York.  I left home at 16 when offered a trainee position at Orlando Ballet and that was the first step to my journey to becoming a professional dancer.  Through hard work and some amazing coaches, I have had success in numerous ballet competitions growing up. From winning the gold medal at the World Ballet Competition, being a 3-time Youth America Grand Prix 1st Place winner - this goal driven path really taught me about many different variations and how to perform under pressure. Finally, upon becoming a prize winner at Prix De Lausanne,  I was given an offer to join English National Ballet where I am currently based.

How did you get involved with Imperfect Pointes? 

My introduction to Imperfect Pointes began with an episode on the Hard Corps podcast, where I had the pleasure of chatting with Romy Adair, a dedicated brand representative. Romy's passion towards the brand's vision immediately resonated with me. Imperfect Pointes' commitment to inclusive, sustainable dancewear, particularly their innovative approach to tights, piqued my interest. That conversation led me to explore the brand further, and from there, I was hooked. It was a podcast episode that expanded my horizons and connected me with a brand that aligned perfectly with my values and love for dance.

What are your thoughts on sustainable dancewear?

I am a member of the English National Ballet "Green Team" and am continually seeking creative ways for the dance community to reduce its environmental footprint.  Sustainable dancewear from Imperfect Pointes is a wonderful endeavour to help achieve this goal. The brand's approach encourages both individual dancers and the ballet companies to make eco-conscious choices, benefiting both the planet and promoting sustainability awareness within the dance community! 

What’s your favourite piece from the new Elements collection?

I absolutely love the unitard and the Seychelles Leotard in Medina. The flattering cut of the leotard and the shaping of the Haina unitard would pair perfectly with a mini skirt or a practice tutu in rehearsals.

How was the shoot day at Acosta Dance Centre? 

The shoot day at Acosta Dance Centre was an absolute blast! It was so much fun working with the amazing Imperfect Pointes creative team and getting to style the new "Elements Collection" Leotards. The vibrant colours and unique designs made it such an inspiring experience. It's not every day you get to combine your love for dance and fashion in one project, and I couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out. The energy and enthusiasm on set that day were truly infectious, and it made the whole process a memorable and enjoyable one.

Michaela Marrable - Professional freelance ballerina 

professional ballerina wearing a leotard stood in a ballet studio

How did you get involved with Imperfect Pointes? 

I saw some of my colleagues' leotards and started by making a few videos for Imperfect Pointes social media. After trying on one of their ballet leotards and feeling so comfortable and confident, I knew I wanted to get involved even more! 

How was the shoot day at Acosta Dance Centre? 

The shoot was such a magical day! Good energy, an incredible space and such talented and gorgeous people. 

What are your thoughts on sustainable dancewear ?

There is such a gap in the dance wear community for sustainability. I really believe it is so rare to have gorgeous and comfortable products that are also sustainable. 

What’s your favourite piece from the new Elements collection?

I can’t believe I'm saying this but the Haina Unitard is my favourite piece from the new Elements collection. It’s so comfortable and in my favourite colour. I think it would look so cute with either a long mesh skirt or a shawl wrap around the waist. I would definitely recommend anyone who hasn’t tried a unitard to try this one! 

Bella Turolla - Behind the scenes Photographer 

bella Turolla wearing her imperfect pointes white logo tee shirt and handling a very expensive camera

Tell us about your Ballet journey so far / how you got to where you are right now?

I’ve always had an interest in photography and I would say it’s my main passion. My father was a fashion photographer in NYC when he was around 25 so growing up we had an entire camera room and a lot of my old analogue cameras were from him or my grandfather's. 

 How did you get involved with Imperfect Pointes? 

Initially, I worked with Nicol Edmonds of the Royal Ballet for a photo series with Imperfect Pointes but now that I’ve continued creating content in the ballet industry, I’ve seen the brand frequently and a collaboration seemed like the perfect thing to do! 

 How was the shoot day at Acosta Dance Centre? 

My day was great! There was a lot of fun energy in the studios and the building was gorgeous. 

Thoughts on sustainable dancewear ?

Sustainable dancewear is extremely important and I really applaud Imperfect Pointes for their handwork in achieving this. It has become increasingly more important with all the environmental destruction that is happening with fast fashion. 

Favourite piece from the new collection

My favourite piece from the new collection is the light blue and grey Freedom boatneck leotard since that’s my favourite colour. 

ballerina wearing a pink tutu with a blue and grey imperfect pointes leotard

Any notable figures in the dance world you have worked with and admire?

I’ve worked with and photographed incredible dancers such as Marianela Nunez, Matthew Ball, William Bracewell, Mayara Magri, Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Erina Takahashi and many others, so just being around them and seeing the dedication they have and their kindness, as they are at such a high level in their profession, is such an inspiration to me and encourages me to strive to be the best I can be within my industry.

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