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Article: Why the Royal Ballet School LOVES sustainable tights!

Imperfect Pointes founder outside the entrance to the Royal Ballet School in london holding two pairs of tights

Why the Royal Ballet School LOVES sustainable tights!

This happened: A win for sustainable dancewear!

Imperfect Pointes tights are now stocked by the Royal Ballet School. This is a big leap forward for sustainable dancewear and shows that a prestigious organisation like the Royal Ballet School is willing to join forces with a micro business to lead the way in changing dancewear for good, and addressing climate change. Collaboration is the new leadership!

This Summer, the school took a big step forwards on it's sustainability journey by partnering with us, to bring our world's first sustainable ballet tights to the students of the UK Summer Intensives programme.
Our tights combine both performance and planet-friendly principles. Providing the perfect blend of flexibility and support for dancers, whilst reducing their ecological footprint. Our tights are the obvious choice for the school as it makes strides to reduce its ecological footprint. 

Helen owner of Imperfect Pointes stood outside the Royal Ballet School with the sustainable tights

For students who were part of The Royal Ballet School's Summer Programme, our tights were available in all three colours pink, brown and bronze, at select in-person locations: The Upper School in Covent Garden for the duration of the intensives and at White Lodge, with pop-up shops taking place.

However, the commitment to sustainability doesn't just end with the purchase of our tights. We believe that the highest form of sustainability is longevity. Our tights are made to last much longer than ordinary convertible tights. We believe that dancers need to have a change of mindset around taking care of their tights to ensure they stay in use for much longer. 

Our tights retain their colour in those famous vocational school washes! The Royal Ballet School, in partnership with Imperfect Pointes, ensured a closed-loop system for ballet tights. Dancers have the opportunity to recycle their used tights at designated recycling points. This innovative scheme allows the tights to be sent back to our partner Swedish Stockings for recycling, preventing them from ending up in landfills. Currently, Imperfect Pointes is the only ballet tights brand enabling customers to do this. 

We are proud to have been chosen as the tights supplier for the Royal Ballet school and it is our mission to get more schools and companies worldwide to switch to our sustainably made ballet tights. 

 imperfect pointes on the retail display at the royal ballet school


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