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Article: International Women's Day, Celebrating YOU!

iwd 2023 four ballerinas wearing sustainable ballet leotards posing on a balcony in leeds

International Women's Day, Celebrating YOU!

Last year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Imperfect Pointes chatted to some ballet dancers in our community, who inspire us. As well as being customers, they are leaders in what they do, and stand out to us as pioneering and inspiring to other dancers. 

It seems like a moment ago since we met up in 2023, but they have all been busy with life's changes and milestones since then, so it feels fitting to revisit them and celebrate their journeys and see what they've been up to since we interviewed them. 

Constance Devernay-Laurence - Freelance Dancer and Principal Dancer at Scottish Ballet, Director of Ballet Grand Prix

Constance Devernay-Laurence, principal dancer wearing a red Imperfect Pointes leotard and black ballet tights in rehearsal for ballet nights

Constance is wearing her Custom Mersey leotard 

What inspires Imperfect Pointes about her:

For us, she is inspiring a whole generation of young ballet Dancers and in her 3nd year is a Director of Ballet Grand Prix Scotland in between receiving rave reviews for her performances in the incredible Ballet Nights series, and of course being a sustainability advocate in the dance world!

IP: Where have the 12 months up to International Women's Day 2024 taken you?

Constance: Since last year, I made the bold decision to bid farewell to Scottish Ballet and dive head first into the captivating world of the screen. While I'm bursting with anticipation to reveal more about the production I'm involved in, I ask for your patience as details unfold. (we'll reveal more in the coming months on our blog) 

My last tour with Scottish ballet was challenging as I sustained an injury while on stage, I broke the cuneiform bone in my foot. Thankfully, my recovery was quick and I was back on stage 3 months later in the first autumn programme of Ballet Nights, performing Gamzatti from La Bayadère. 

In August last year, I moved to London and amidst the hustle and bustle of the capital, I’ve had the privilege of working with wonderful new choreographers such as Jordan James Bridge. He created a brilliant solo for Ballet Nights called “Heisei 9”. You can catch the next spot light performance of Ballet nights on 26-27 April at Lanterns Studio Theatre, in London. 

dancer constance devernay-laurence performing Heisei 9 by Jordan james bridge at teh lantern theatre. she is wearing a purple catsuit and leapeing in the air

Since the move, I have been teaching the talented dancers at Studio Wayne McGregor and English National Ballet School.

I am still the co-director of “Ballet Grand Prix” a Dance competition held in Scotland, where young dancers can express themselves and experience the thrill of the stage. Imperfect pointes has been a wonderful supporter of Ballet Grand Prix and I couldn't be more grateful. As the Co-director, it's essential for me to instill such values and ethics in the upcoming generation of dancers.

Since we last spoke, I was selected as the winner of the 'Outstanding Female Classical Performance' from the National Dance Awards for my performance as Swanhilda in Coppélia with Scottish Ballet. 

The stage will always and is a part of me, but I am excited to embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead on screen.

Why Imperfect Pointes? 

As a dancer I spend more time in dancewear than I do in normal clothes, and it is wonderful to finally see a dancewear brand which focuses on sustainability and is challenging the dance fashion industry.

Which is your favourite leotard?

Any Leo with an ombré! I love all the designs! I also can't manage without Imperfect Pointes convertible tights

Kimberley Hattersley-Barton - adult ballet dancer, who has beaten cancer an incredible four times

Blonde ballerina wearing a blue high neck zip leotard posing in front of the ocean

What inspires us about her:  

By the age of 26, this dancer has already overcome cancer 4 times. 

Imperfect Pointes first met Kimberley at The Ballet Retreat adults ballet weekend, & had no idea of the journey she’d already been on. She is an avid campaigner for head and neck cancer awareness and has documented her most recent cancer in a candid vlog. It turned out Helen, our founder & Kim are kindred spirits, both strong Yorkshire women with a wicked sense of humour, they even attended the same school & come from the same Yorkshire village in the North of England……who knew?

blonde adult ballet dancer in the ballet studio at yorkshire dance wearing an imperfect pointes tuscany leotard

Kimberley’s journey really resonated with Helen, as Helen lost her mum to a rare Head and Neck cancer. She loves that Kimberley keeps on dancing and managing to say **** you to cancer whilst authentically sharing her ups and downs with wit and determination via social media. 

IP: Where have the 12 months up to IWD 2024 taken you?

In the last 12 months I would definitely say I have succeeded in my goals to thrive and enjoy all of opportunities and experiences that have come my way!

My health has stayed in a reasonably manageable and stable place - which ultimately has allowed me to enjoy all that I have been able to do. Of course, there have been challenging times when I still struggle, but I accept those days and remember that my body is still capable of many things. I just need to listen to what my body needs.

The thing I’m most proud and what has been the biggest, but exciting, challenge in this past year is producing my first ever fundraising showcase.

My Life With The Ribbon: Charity Gala will take place on the 13th April at Unity Hall in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK. The audience can expect an evening of live performances from West End professionals, local dance talent and myself! The event is in aid of 3 charities that have supported me during my previous battles with cancer, and now I can’t wait to give back to them and enjoy a special evening with everyone that is coming to celebrate and watch!

In the next 12 months I am looking forward to thriving in everything I choose to do. Whether that’s dancing, reaching my personal goals or making memories with my friends… I’m just so excited at the thought of embracing all of these opportunities that are to come. 

Why Imperfect Pointes? 

To me, why would you choose another brand? Imperfect Pointes captures everything that a brand's ethos should empower; inclusivity, sustainability and the constant development to know what the audience wants. Not to mention the high quality of the dancewear (that can be worn for more than just dance), the styles - which you can also customise, and an all round supportive community in this imperfect industry.

Blonde ballerina wearing blue high neck zip front leotard jumping on the beach

Favourite leotard?

I have an Imperfect Pointes collection! My favourite style is the ‘Tuscany’ zip up leotard. I just love how it fits and supports my body, along with the sporty design with the front zip. 

I love feeling confident in what I wear, and in this style I always feel strong - that’s something I always want to embody in my own style and within my personal characteristics… I love to wear something that reflects who I am as a woman and a dancer 

Kim chose these photos of herself to include for International Women’s Day, as they make her feel that her body looks really strong and powerful in them,  

Sophie Rebecca - Adult Ballerina and Proud Trans Activist

Sophie Rebecca an inspiring trans ballerina wearing a short sleeve blue and red leotard posing in a ballet studio

What inspires us about her:  

We love that Sophie came to ballet later in life and how it allows her the freedom to be herself and to invest in all that is feminine about her. 

Sophie campaigns on Trans Rights & raising awareness to enable ballet to be more accessible for Trans women. She’s been featured in a British Vogue and Nike sportswear campaign! Imperfect Pointes supports the Trans community and we are proud to include Sophie in our International Women's Day feature. 

Sophie told us …..

I want to show that adult dancers can start late and develop and achieve as well as enjoy the art that is ballet, I strive to be visible in a world that is increasingly hostile to trans women like me, to show others who are the same as me that they can follow their dreams.

IP: Where have the 12 months up to IWD 2024 taken you?

Since last year I’ve danced in my school's show which was amazing, to get to dance a Swan Lake inspired piece with such an inspiring group of young women who’ve now gone off to university, was such a privilege. The way they support each other and their love for ballet was truly beautiful.
My wife and I also welcomed our first child last summer so I’m now a mum which is a dream come true, but it’s also a lot of work! This combined with an operation later in the year has taken me away from the dance studio for the past 4 months.  I’ve just started back and have missed it so much.

group of women dancers including onme trans women ballet dancer in swan lake costume about to perform on stage

Why Imperfect Pointes?

The reason I choose Imperfect Pointes is for the sustainability, I've had leotards in the past that lose colour, stitches fray and the cost of fast fashion is well known, so the sustainability and the gorgeous leos are what drew me to Imperfect Pointes, and what sealed the deal is that they are fellow Yorkshire owners!

Favourite leotard?

My favorite leotard was my Alexandria in Jellyfish, it's such a beautiful rich magenta and the sleeves soften my shoulders beautifully. But since I have been off class.....Anything black! I’ve had to rest for the past 4 months so may be feeling a tad self conscious. 

Cira Robinson - Director of Yorkshire Ballet Seminars and former Senior Artist with Ballet Black

Cira Robinson, Director of Yorkshire Ballet Seminars and former senior artist with ballet black wearing a green sleeveless leotard laughing sat on a windowsill


What inspires us about her:

We've admired Cira Robinson since Imperfect Pointes became ‘friends of Ballet Black’ and watched her perform on stage many times since. 

We love Cira’s captivating onstage presence - memories of seeing her perform are still great moments for us…but did we mention her incredible energy off stage? She is a force!  

When we founded Imperfect Pointes, we took inspiration from Cira’s work in getting big ballet brands to come to the table on skin toned pointe shoes and raising awareness of the lack of options for Black Women in ballet. It made us more determined to put representation and inclusion front and centre in our own brand. 

We love that Cira, who is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, has had a long ballet career with many accolades, including 10 years with Ballet Black, has now moved into leadership at YBS… and now managing the demands of a Director role and parenthood for the first time. 

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Since the last years international women’s day, my whole outlook on life has changed. Most importantly, becoming a mother has put things into perspective and a different set of responsibilities have been bestowed upon me. Coming to terms with and accepting my “new body” has been a challenge but I am embracing and taking pride in what my body has done to create a beautiful baby boy.

Why Imperfect Pointes? 

Well, I appreciate what this small dancewear brand is doing for the dance community and ultimately for the environment. I think sometimes, we as humans get caught up in our everyday lives, obligations, stresses etc., and forget to nurture and give back to Mother Earth. We take and take, as humans naturally do, but fail to realise that resources have and will become scarce. Things won’t change in a day. It's important to begin to be mindful about leotard and tights purchases and the sustainability of them. I love Imperfect Pointes nude tights which can be recycled. 

This sustainable dancewear company is doing so much for the community, and in the long run, the world, and I support it. 

Which is your favourite leotard?

My favourite Imperfect Pointes item that I own at the moment would probably be my Mersey Sleeveless Leotard, not that I’ve been wearing it sometime! 


I love hearing about other dancers journeys. I hope you decide to expand this blog theme
Happy international Women’s Day!

Mrs H

Super inspiring ballerinas! ❤️

Nicola Stockdale

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