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Article: Why Biscuit Ballerina® is perfect for Imperfect

Shelby Williams AKA Biscuit Ballerina wearing her Imperfect Pointes Leotard and Ballet tights to announce the launch of the new collaboration

Why Biscuit Ballerina® is perfect for Imperfect

Meet our NEW Collaboration Partner

Imperfect Pointes came about as we believe you don't have to be perfect to do ballet. Not only that, we are living in an imperfect world where ballet needs to be more inclusive and we all need to do more to help the planet.

So, it was only a matter of time before we found ourselves the perfect Imperfect cheerleader, champion and role model to all the perfectionists out there... someone who has been living that imperfect biscuity realness, since way before Imperfect Pointes was even an idea for a sustainable dancewear brand.

Cue our new collaborator, Shelby Williams, better known as Biscuit Ballerina® !

Biscuit Ballerina (Shelby WIlliams) wearing Imperfect Pointes Leotard and Tights

Shelby is wearing our Imperfect Pointes x Swedish Stockings ballet tights paired with her Lara Leotard in Forest Ombré.

Shelby’s take on ballet is that dancers take themselves too seriously sometimes!

Just in case you've been living under a rock the last few years, Biscuit Ballerina® is a satire character brought to life, to remind dancers that being imperfect isn't worth getting upset over, perfect doesn't exist and in the end, it's just dance! 

Shelby is a dancer who herself has struggled with anxiety due to the perfectionism of ballet, but by embracing her 'Biscuits', she found the ability to laugh off her mistakes and flaws rather than obsess over them.

Biscuit Ballerina (Shelby Williams) wearing Imperfect Pointes dancing in the ballet studio

Why Biscuit Ballerina® is such a great fit 

Shelby: "Nobody is perfect. Everyone who dances has started from the same place and experienced the same frustrations at one point or another whether they are a student, a professional, or an adult ballerina. They can relate to each other more than they know, and through that, encourage one another. Dancers dance for the joy it brings them. Don't let perfectionism stop you from experiencing that joy!"

Biscuit Ballerina wearing Imperfect Pointes Dancewear in the studio

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