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Article: Emerging Ballet Dancers - Skya Powney

Emerging Ballet Dancers - Skya Powney - Imperfect Pointes Ballet

Emerging Ballet Dancers - Skya Powney

Imperfect Pointes ones to watch:

This week, we caught up with Skya Powney, Artist of the Junior Company at the Dutch National Ballet and one of our latest ballet content creators. 

We asked Skya all the important ballet questions, so that you don't have to!

At what point did you realise you wanted to become a professional dancer? We know you’re from a dance family - did that maybe put you off?

I don’t think there was a specific defining moment where I realised I wanted to dance professionally. When I was younger, I never saw my dance training as a chore, my end goal was always to improve. I think with maturity I grew to understand the possibilities of a ballet career and from there the only rational decision for me was to become a professional dancer within a Ballet Company.

ballet dancer wearing green ballet leotard with tutu and pointe shoes and a ballet skirt in a dance studio

Photography: @by.isabeau @lou.springvloed

Now that you are dancing professionally, what has been your highlight of the ballet season so far?

The highlight of the season so far has definitely been dancing among so many inspiring artists. Admiring them from afar is nothing compared to seeing them work tirelessly everyday and they continue to motivate me behind the scenes.

What is your favourite thing about living in Amsterdam?

My favourite thing about living in Amsterdam would be the familiarity of the city and the people. Having lived in Holland when I was younger, Amsterdam feels like a second home; it’s strange yet comforting to be back.

ballet dancer wearing a green ballet leotard with a pink ballet skirt and pointe shoes posing in a ballet studio

Photography: @by.isabeau @lou.springvloed

What sort of things do you do in everyday life to live more sustainably?

In everyday life, I try to be sustainable wherever possible, but I think it goes without saying that the Dutchies do an excellent job of saving CO2 emissions by a landslide with their bikes!

What is your least favourite ballet step or thing to do in ballet?

My least favourite ballet step would definitely be Italian fouettés. This is due to the standing leg strength required.Maintaining the turnout whilst rotating on your own axis tends to throw me off, so I definitely need to practice them more!

Ballet Leotards are important to every Ballerina. Which is your favourite Imperfect Pointes leotard?

My favourite Imperfect Pointes leotard that I own is the Haina Camisole leotard in Racing blue. The thin straps and high cut leg are both super flattering and the pop of blue makes you stand out in class. But I also love the new Forest Ombré Collection. I don’t find many ombré leotards that don’t scream ‘tacky’ but the imperfect pointes ones are natural and calm shades which I love.

ballet photoshoot behind the scenes with ballerina wearing a green ballet leotard, pink ballet skirt and point shoes

Photography: @by.isabeau @lou.springvloed

We’ve made ballet leos & convertible ballet tights... What else  would you like Imperfect Pointes to make?

Firstly, Imperfect Pointes has already made a huge impact in its manufacturing of sustainable dancewear and I can’t wait to see the brand develop over the years. Personally, I would love to have different eco-friendly ballet skirts to match the unique leotard styles!

What was the transition like from being a student of the Royal Ballet School in London to becoming a professional dancer with Dutch National Ballet?

The transition from a student to a professional ballet dancer is an exciting change. It’s not easy to be thrown into the world you have been looking up to for so many years, but it’s a beautiful thought knowing that all your dance inspirations have gone through the same process in order to get to where they are today in the dance industry.

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