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Article: Convertible Ballet Tights - How our new transition tights are making a more Sustainable Dancewear industry

Convertible Ballet Tights - How our new transition tights are making a more Sustainable Dancewear industry-Imperfect Pointes

Convertible Ballet Tights - How our new transition tights are making a more Sustainable Dancewear industry

We are on a mission to change the dancewear industry for good by showing others that you can produce sustainably, without sacrificing great quality and design. We began our mission with leotards and so it made sense to find a partner who shares our values when it came to developing tights.
Our revolutionary new tights have a fabulous fit, a dream deep waistband and
are the most sustainable ballet tights in the world. We want to share this
innovation with dancers all around the world and help to make a difference in
the dance industry.

Sustainable Ballet Tights - A World's First

YOUNG_DANCER_46bfb116-e407-40b1-b801-be99ab5d3606Did you know 8 billion pairs of tights go to landfill every year?*

That's a lot of microplastics...
One of the biggest problems that contributes to this is that tights just aren't made to last. Every dancer has experienced just how frustrating it can be when you put your brand new tights through their first wash and they lose their colour, or when after just a few wears they get a ladder or a hole.

Well, it turns out, it doesn't have to be this way...
Presenting the latest revolution in dancewear
After 12 months in development, we're confident that our new convertible ballet tights aren't just good for the planet, but that they'll be the best dance tights you've ever owned. In fact, the Swedish Stockings Olivia tights that we based our dance tights on, are in the top 5 tights in the world for durability according to The New York Times Wirecutter.
But what is it that makes our dance tights so special other than being made from recycled materials?

Our Unique Deep Dream Waistband
Thick and deep waistband for ultimate dream comfort whilst dancing and and a super flattering fit with no lumps or bumps.

Fabulously Flat Seams
All of the seams on our dance tights are flat, which means minimal lines under your leotards and looks great worn over the top too.

Perfect non-slip material
Ideal for Pas de Deux, our premium recycled yarn is  super comfortable and easy to hold for all those important lifts.

Comfortable Open Sole
Most convertible tights can be uncomfortable but not ours, we designed the open sole to be comfortable on AND off your foot.

Premium Colour Fast material
Say goodbye to your ballet pink tights going grey after one wash. We've rigorously tested our tights and as long as you follow our care instructions, they will stay pink for much, much longer.
And they're recyclable too?
Not only are these ballet tights the most sustainable in the world, but we didn't stop there. We also offer a recycling scheme in partnership with Swedish Stockings too!

Checkout our recycling page for the latest details on our recycling scheme and details of where to send your tights.

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