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Article: Sustainable tights on Stage - Scottish Ballet's Snow Queen

scottish ballet dancers shown side stage in their snow queen costumes wearing pink ballet tights by imperfect pointes

Sustainable tights on Stage - Scottish Ballet's Snow Queen

Sparkle at Scottish Ballet’s The Snow Queen with our sustainable ballet tights on stage

Scottish Ballet’s spectacular and much-loved production of The Snow Queen returns to the stage, after its sell-out tour in 2019. This year, Scottish Ballet has decided to champion sustainability by switching all their convertible ballet tights to Imperfect Pointes (powered by Swedish Stockings). 

The Snow Queen is a glittering production, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale – which was also the basis for Frozen. Set to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov which will be performed live by the full Scottish Ballet Orchestra.

scottish ballet ballerinas backstage wearing Imperfect Pointes sustainable ballet tights

The story goes from the bustle of a winter’s market to the shivers of a fairytale forest, taking a journey to the Snow Queen’s palace, where she is surrounded by the icy fragments of an enchanted mirror.  It’s full of a sparkling cast of characters, from young lovers parted by a spell to a circus ringmaster with a few tricks up his sleeve.

Choreographed by Christopher Hampson and designed by the award-winning Lez Brotherston, this story of love and friendship is a delightfully festive show 

This year, in line with a commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable, Scottish ballet has chosen to work with Imperfect Pointes for us to supply the  ‘world’s first sustainable tights' for all the performances of The Snow Queen. This is a first for a major ballet company but it gives out the message that Scottish Ballet wants quality tights for its dancers. We will work together to keep the used tights out of landfill through our recycling scheme with Swedish Stockings. 

Imperfect Pointes was introduced to the leadership team at Scottish Ballet by customer and Principal Dancer, Constance Devernay-Lawrence. Constance is an advocate of sustainable dancewear and can often be seen in rehearsals in an Imperfect Pointes ballet leotard. She is a fan of the Marseille, Carioca and Cilicia sleeveless leotards. Being part of the Environmental Group at Scottish Ballet, it made sense for Constance to connect us with the Wardrobe team. 

Scottish Ballet ballerina wearing imperfect pointes ballet tights in the snow queen

The Head of Wardrobe, at Scottish Ballet, Mary Mullen, loved the tights and ordered them for the entire production of The Snow Queen for the 22/23 season. 

Mary Mullen, Head of Wardrobe said, 

“I gave Imperfect Pointes dance tights to my dancers and they love them. As well as being sustainable they say they are the most comfortable convertible tights they’ve worn”

Helen, Imperfect Pointes founder said, ‘this is a huge accolade for Imperfect Pointes to work with Scottish Ballet and supply their convertible ballet tights. It has also been a privilege to work with Constance Devernay-Lawrence and photographer and dancer Rimbaud Patron, to capture some candid moments of sparkle behind the scenes of The Snow Queen. Not only that we will facilitate recycling the used tights at the end of the run of shows to keep them out of landfill. It is amazing to see Ballet Companies joining the dancewear revolution’


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