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Article: Meet the Changemakers - SWEDISH STOCKINGS

Meet the Changemakers - SWEDISH STOCKINGS
ballet tights

Meet the Changemakers - SWEDISH STOCKINGS

Driving sustainable change in the dancewear industry takes collaboration and innovation. It is our mission to do just that.
To celebrate two years of our convertible tights, we are launching our Changemakers series. We aim to highlight the partners and dancers in our community who share our vision for a more sustainable dance industry which is better for dancers, and better for the planet. 
First up, an obvious choice, we spoke to Linn Fissinger, CEO and Founder of Swedish Stockings, who continues to inspire us. It was a conversation between Helen and Linn and Linn's belief in true collaboration for our planet's future, that helped Imperfect Pointes launch the World's best ballet tights. 
Tell us the story behind Swedish Stockings. 
Swedish Stockings was founded with a vision to transform the hosiery industry by prioritizing sustainability. We recognized the environmental damage caused by traditional nylon production and aimed to create an eco-friendly alternative. By using recycled materials, eco-friendly dyes and sustainable production methods, we produce high-quality, stylish tights and legwear, with a reduced environmental impact. Our mission is to lead the industry toward a more sustainable future, offering our customers beautiful durable products that don't compromise the health of our planet. 
What does sustainability mean to you at Swedish Stockings? 
At Swedish Stockings, sustainability means making conscientious choices at every stage of our process to protect and preserve the environment. It's about creating products that are not only fashionable and high-quality, but also have a minimal environmental impact. We are dedicated to using recycled materials, minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy. Like Imperfect Pointes, our commitment extends to every aspect of our business, from production and packaging to encouraging responsible consumption and disposal. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, driving us to continuously innovate and improve. Our goal is to set a new standard for sustainability in the fashion industry and support you to so the same in the dancewear industry.
What other products do you have that will appeal to a dancer's wardrobe? 
We offer a range of products that are perfect for a dancer's wardrobe. Our eco-friendly tights are durable and comfortable, ideal for both rehearsals and performances. We also have a selection of leggings and footless tights that provide flexibility and support. Additionally, our knee-high socks and ankle socks are perfect for layering and adding an extra touch of style to any dance outfit. Each product is designed with sustainability and performance in mind, ensuring that dancers can look and feel their best while being kind to the planet. 
What do you think of the collaboration between our brands? 
The collaboration between Swedish Stockings and Imperfect Pointes is exciting and meaningful. Both brands share a strong commitment to sustainability and quality, making this partnership a natural fit.
By combining our expertise in eco-friendly hosiery with Imperfect Pointes' innovative approach to dancewear, we can offer dancers high-quality, sustainable options that were previously hard to find.
This collaboration is not just about creating beautiful products; it's about driving positive change in the industry and showing that style, performance and sustainability can go hand in hand. We are thrilled to be part of this journey together.

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