Black Friday - from the POV of a sustainable dancewear brand

Did you know that small businesses can’t compete with Black Friday sales?

This year, we've thought long and hard about how to participate in Black Friday and we have come up with the perfect solution for Imperfect Pointes. 


This year, Black Friday is looking a little scarier than usual for this small independent ballet brand... as well as other small businesses and our customers too. Money is tight everywhere. 

But each year, there is increasingly huge pressure for tiny independent brands to keep up with expectations and offer some mega deals pre-Christmas and ballet leotards, convertible ballet tights and men's dancewearSo we will be offering you the opportunity to get some special offers.

women's ballet leotards

This is how it works in the dancewear industry:

Big Dancewear brands price their products with sales built in!
Yes! It’s true!

Our owner Helen worked in the fashion and sportswear industries for many years before Imperfect Pointes! Even when offering HUGE amounts off their dancewear, big brands will absolutely still be making a profit.

For a lot of small business - if we offered those discounts, it’s likely at best we’ll just break even meaning we don’t make a loss, but neither is there any profit left in the price

Sometimes, it may seem you’re paying more for a leo or tights from Imperfect Pointes... that’s because it costs more when things are made ethically in the UK and garment workers get paid properly - that’s just a fact! You’ve all seen what goes on in fast fashion giants Boohoo and Shein and ‘fast dancewear’ is just the same ! That ballet leotard is bad for garment workers & damaging for the planet.

As we start our 3rd year of sustainable dancewear, we want to thank you all for sticking with us and supporting change for good in the dancewear industry 💚🙏🏽😊

We’ll do ‘FLASH’ offers coming up in the next week, to tempt you and to  encourage you to stay away from those big dancewear brands. It’s a choice - so choose brands made with love and purpose💞.

black friday ballet leotard deals - label

We are using Black Friday to allow us to make our stunning pieces more accessible whilst maintaining our ethical & environmental standards (the person making your leotard is still paid a proper UK wage).

We take this short term hit on our own profit because we know that once you've owned, danced and felt amazing in an Imperfect Pointes piece, you understand why our ballet leotards and tights are worth the investment. Just checkout the 5 star reviews. 

We want you to shop with us all week in a slower more considered way, rather than in a panic about what to buy. We don't want you to buy things you don't want or need. In fact - it's expensive for us when you do this (think of the costs of return postage, packaging, cleaning and restocking items and so on)! 

As always, please check our size guide  for help picking the right size for you. Want style advice? Email and Helen or Phoebe on customer service can advise on the right style for your shape.

act with purpose: say no to excessive discounts and overproduction

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