Dear Big Dancewear Brands

This BLACK FRIDAY Imperfect Pointes is making a callout, to ask you to commit to stoppingOVER PRODUCTION. The danceworld does not need any more Christmas themed leotards, or hugely discounted offers that encourage dancers to purchase items they do not really need, or ‘over consume’ in the name of getting a Black Friday bargain. 

BIG DANCEWEAR BRANDS - what is the true cost to the planet of your bumper Black Friday? 

There's no time like the present, the only way we can reach systematic sustainable change is by changing our habits for good. 

We are taking action by sending our BIG BRAND competitors an open letter. An open letter where we highlight sustainability, calling for them to be more transparent and change their approach to manufacturing and marketing

Our Brand Director, Helen has written to all the big dancewear brands asking what they are doing to become more sustainable, in the light of COP24 Climate Conference. Only 1 of the big brands has so far responded. It is not enough for brands to start to change to recycled packaging, they must address overproduction and the wastefulness of the dancewear industry. 

Every year tens of millions of leotards are made from virgin nylon and most of these end up in landfill where they will take 100’s of years to break down. Virgin nylon is made from fossil fuels and causes great harm to the environment. 

The responsibility to change lies with us individuals, BUT the big brands who hold all the power and PROFIT must take the lead and make a change to improve things for the planet and for the dancers of the future and reverse climate change. We all need to take a slower, mindful approach to dancewear. Let’s have more transparency in dancewear. 

BIG DANCEWEAR BRANDS …..are you thinking of profits or planet this BLACK FRIDAY? 

If you would like to talk to Imperfect Pointes Brand Director about any of the sustainability challenges raised here, we encourage you to reach out for a discussion with Helen or give her a call on +447557908422

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